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LexMedia Orientation

In this 45-minute class, you will learn all about LexMedia and its mission.  We’ll start with a thorough tour of the facilities, then review our rules, regulations, and procedures. We’ll explain how LexMedia is organized and funded.  You’ll also learn about our past productions, shows being produced now, and what we hope to see in the future.  This class is a prerequisite for all other classes offered by LexMedia.

Intro To Editing

New members will receive a complete overview of the editing process. We offer both Adobe CS5 Premiere Pro and Final Cut 7 & X classes. You’ll learn how to set up a project, import media, edit in the timeline, and export to DVD and MPEG. This class is two hours.

Intro To Field Production – In Two Parts

In this two-part class, you will learn the basic technical skills of field production, including camera operation, lighting, and audio.  We’ll also cover the aesthetics of production, camera movement, tripod use, working with talent, and more.  During this course, you will receive hands-on instruction with our Sony NX-70U HD camcorders.
The completion of this class will enable new members to sign out our portable gear and start producing programming immediately.

Intro To Studio Production

Learn how to produce a studio-based program.  You’ll get hands-on experience with all production positions from directing to audio mixing to camera operation, plus graphics creation and more.  This course covers it all.  Occasionally, this class will be held during a real TV production in the LexMedia studio.  After this two-hour class you are encouraged to take part in ongoing studio productions and/or start your own.

Panasonic AG HMC-150 Camcorder

This is an advanced class for existing LexMedia members who have demonstrated advanced production techniques and are ready to go to the next level.  Learn all about the features and functions of this amazing camera, as well as the special considerations regarding format choices and editing.  The class is two hours long and held by special arrangement.

Robotic Camera/Remote Locations

This class provides hands-on training in the operation of the robotic camera systems at Cary Hall, LHS, and the Selectmen’s Meeting Room. The class will meet for one hour in each location.  Once certified, members can sign up to cover events in these rooms.


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