Request for Coverage

Please use this form to submit a request for LexMedia to record an event.

LexMedia is a volunteer-based organization; the majority of our programming is produced by our members. Depending on availability, LexMedia will produce programming for organizations when the subject matter is pertinent to Lexington or in the interest of our community.

In order to receive free video coverage, your organization and event must meet the following requirements:
– The organization holding the event must be a member of LexMedia.
– The event must be free and/or open to the public.
– There are no restrictions on the program being shown on LexMedia cable channels or website.

We do not cover events that:
– Do not have an audience in Lexington.
– Are commercial in nature or intended to make a profit.
– Are already receiving coverage from other media operations.

Due to the high volume of qualified requests, not all events will receive coverage; we appreciate your understanding.

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