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Our Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 21st was a great success! 

During the meeting, our Executive Director, Florence DelSanto, and the Chairman of the Board, David Ilsley, went over the past year at LexMedia, highlighted specific successes, and gave an overview of areas of focus for 2020. 

There were also some changes in the Board of Directors. David stepped down as the Chairman of the Board; meeting attendees elected a new Chairman of the Board, Jim Shaw. To commemorate David’s eight years as Chairman, staff presented him with an engraved wine decanter and delicious cake from Wilson Farms.

John Cini retired from the Board, and a new member, Lisa Mazerall, was elected. Lisa is a lifelong Lexington resident; she was co-president of the PTA for seven years, has been a TMMA member since 2012, and is currently the Program Coordinator for the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer at Middlesex Community College.

We also presented two volunteers with awards celebrating their contributions to LexMedia this year. Jacqueline Fiore was recognized for filming and editing the entire season of Girls Varsity Soccer; Ting Fang was recognized for bringing in a partnership with New Legacy Cultural Center, which has resulted in many volunteers and three shows, Mandarin Language, Confucius Study and Dancing Chopsticks.


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