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Host Colleen Smith says,

LexGo has officially completed its first season with 12 shows in less than 5 months. More than 28 guests have appeared on LexGO! I truly cannot thank you enough for making this accomplishment come true! I need to personally thank Florence DelSanto and David Ilsley for believing in me and supporting me when I walked in these doors in September and had the idea of starting a Talk Show to highlight Lexington; they listened and helped make it happen! The entire staff at LexMedia has been so gracious, Guillermo, Fred, Mark, Irene and of course to all the volunteers that have helped out on the set, Joe, Adam, my nephew Sam, Bill, Ken, and many more… I need to also thank the valued guests who have made this show what it is. I have learned so much more about our town of Lexington and the individuals who make it all happen. I am impressed and amazed by your commitment, hard work and dedication you put forth to make a difference every day in this great town. Last but not least I need to thank all the viewers of LexGO, this includes not only my family and friends but anyone that has taken the time to watch a show for a particular guest or maybe just to learn something about Lexington. Well I guess this is when they say in show business “That’s a Wrap”

See you next fall with season two. CBS

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