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On Thursday, February 15th, community members joined LexMedia’s Board of Directors, staff, and members for the Annual Meeting at The Depot. We had a wonderful turnout – it was great to see so many new and familiar faces!

After mingling and enjoying great food and wine, Chairman of the Board, Jim Shaw, gave opening comments. The Board Members voted, and Veronica Ciara of Enterprise Bank gave the treasurer’s report, followed by a $1,000 donation for future projects.


Executive Director, Florence DelSanto, recapped the Annual Report (which is available to view here), touched on our achievements from the past year, and shouted out the staff. Rick Dorrington, Community Producer, showcased the 2023 highlight reel, and then it was time for our special guest speaker – journalist Janet Wu.

Janet discussed the current state in journalism and the decline in local newspapers and journalists, and touched on how important it is for young journalists to cut their teeth at the local level. She noted how lucky Lexington is to have a resource like LexMedia. Janet also discussed her career, family background, and how long it took her to find her “voice.” After her speech, she fielded questions from the audience.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

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