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LexMedia has announced the Spring 2011 schedule for the full array of classes about LexMedia, Field Production and Video Editing. Please contact, to sign up for these classes. Sign up now, because some of these classes fill up fast.

Orientation Class 7-7:30pm
The Orientation class explains who we are, what we do and how people can take part. The 30-minute session will include a walk though of studios A, and K, the control room, master control, and the edit classroom. We will give an overview of: how to produce and get content on the air, borrow and return LexMedia production equipment, take part in on-going productions and so much more. The Orientation class is the prerequisite to all other LexMedia classes. May 3rd June 7th

Field Production Class 7 -8:30pm
This class will introduce members to the Mini DV /HDV camcorders LexMedia has to offer, the Panasonic PV GS500, the Canon GL2 and the Sony HDR-HC7. We will cover basic on-location production techniques including: Camera set up and adjustments, site evaluation, tripod use, hand-held camera techniques, shot composition, camera movement, audio considerations and lighting. We will work through typical filming scenarios to prepare members for their own productions. This class will allow the new LexMedia member to use our portable equipment. May 17th, June 14th

Digital EditingClass7 – 8:30pm
The class will introduce our members to Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Studio editing software. You will learn the basics of digital video editing. Topics covered include: Setting up and organizing your project files, capturing digital video, basic editing techniques, b-roll selection and building sequences, and finalizing your program for playback on a DVD.
May 18th Premier Pro Editing Class. June 15th Final Cut Pro Editing Class.

Studio Production Class 7 – 9pm
This two hour course is designed to teach members how to work as production crew in a multi-camera studio shoot. Topics covered include: an explanation of basic crew requirements and job titles, set-up of studio cameras and tripods, audio and lighting, and an introduction to the video switcher and the graphic generator. We’ll also cover basic directing techniques. At the conclusion members are encouraged to join a production crew and become part of current LexMedia productions. May 10th June 21st

Nikon D7000 Camera Class 7-8:30pm
Video cameras and still cameras have been merging for some time now and it’s come to the point that it’s worth exploring the creative possibilities. LexMedia has purchased a Nikon D7000 for still picture and video production. We will use this camera to demonstrate advanced still and video techniques as well as the DSLR as used in documentary work. We’ll also talk about the current advantages and limits of the modern DSLR. May 24th

Panasonic AG-HMC 150 Class 7- 8:30pm
This is a special class for advanced producers who want to go to the next level. This camera has a great picture, true HD and many pro features. We offer this class to current LexMedia members who are active producers. By permission of the LexMedia instructor.
June 28th

To sign up or for more information contact:

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