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LexMedia recently won the contract to operate the three Lexington Public, Education and Government Access Television stations on the three Lexington cable systems starting on January 1, 2011 for the next 3½ years with two optional renewals of 3 years each for a total of 10 years. The contract was awarded by the Town after a procurement process which involved the creation of a formal RFP drafted by the Town of Lexington Communications Advisory Committee and issued by the Town in September, a comprehensive proposal by LexMedia submitted in October, and the negotiations with the Town for a contract with the Town of Lexington covering all aspects of the award completed in December.

“LexMedia is thrilled to receive this contract to continue our service to the residents of Lexington”, said Harry Forsdick, Chair of the LexMedia Board of Directors. “Although it took a lot of effort to receive this contract award through the town, this exercise has addressed and corrected many gray areas that have been difficult for us in the past. We feel that the 10-year contract reflects the amount of work we put into our proposal and contract negotiations.”

Florence DelSanto, LexMedia’s Executive Director commented, “I’m happy with the new contract, it’s an affirmation of the the good work we’ve been doing. We’re delighted that the town has responded so positively to our past efforts. Going forward we have exciting plans to develop new programs and to increase community involvement.”

LexMedia has come out of the gates strong with two new, exciting additions to our services; onDemand and Live Streaming. Both are accessible from the LexMedia website.

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