On Sunday, May 3rd, Lexington officials announced that the Annual Town Meeting will be held remotely during the week of June 1st.

The meeting will take place at 7:30pm on: Monday, June 1st; Wednesday, June 3rd; and Thursday, June 4th.

Zoom will be used for the meeting, and necessary precautions will be taken to ensure it remains secure. Voting will be conducted using a secure online voting module developed by the vendor who supplies the electronic voting devices and software – Option Technologies. It will have a similar look and feel as what has been used in the past, but instead of using the usual handheld voting device, votes will be submitted securely with a unique password using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. All votes can be reviewed and verified, as is typically done with the handheld devices.

In addition, Joe Pato has developed a website that will be your single entry point to Zoom and the voting module. As part of this website, Joe has created a queuing function which will allow Town Meeting members to virtually place themselves in the Yes, No, or Question queue – or indicate that they wish to be recognized for a point of order, point of personal privilege, or to propose and amendment.

Small group testing with staff and members of the Appropriation Committee, will take place in the coming week (week of May 4th). They will also seek input from the Commission on Disability this week, along with others with special insight and expertise.

The weeks of May 11th and May 18th will be dedicated to precinct-level testing and instruction according to the following schedule:

  • Precinct 1: May 12 @8:15pm
  • Precinct 2: May 13 @7:00pm
  • Precinct 3: May 13 @8:15pm
  • Precinct 4: May 14 @7:00pm
  • Precinct 5: May 19 @7:00pm
  • Precinct 6: May 19 @8:15pm
  • Precinct 7: May 20 @7:00pm
  • Precinct 8: May 20 @8:15pm
  • Precinct 9: May 21 @7:00pm
  • Make-up/additional session: May 21 @8:15pm

An all-participant mini training session with all Town Meeting members will take place on  Wednesday, May 27th at 7:30pm.

In order to ensure the public has adequate information regarding this year’s motions in question, LexMedia is hosting the presentations relevant to each article for reference; these can be watched below:


For more information about the 2020 Annual Town Meeting, as well as the 2020 Special Town Meeting, please visit the town’s website.

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