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Three years ago, LexMedia created one of the first on-demand video systems for PEG Access TV. Interest in this system has remained high and the usage has outstripped the capabilities of the system we originally implemented.

Recently we decided to switch over to the newly announced TelVue PEG.TV system, which integrates nicely with our TelVue Video Server. The key to this new system is that it requires almost no additional manpower to make programs available online. We will also be working with any group whose meeting is being recorded to generate indexing information. This will enable people to search for content in our onDemand Video database.

Currently you can see our new system under the Watch Us! menu item in the onDemand section. As we make further progress on the integration of PEG.TV into LexMedia’s operations, more LexMedia produced content will appear in the onDemand section. We also expect to add more features as they become available, including the ability to search for segments within an entire program.

Finally, once we have the onDemand system fulling integrated with LexMedia’s operation, we will develop documentation on how to use the onDemand system to find content.

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