In Channel Information

LexMedia provides four community access channels for the town of Lexington. Find out more about these channels, including how and where to find them, by clicking the button below.

LETV: Education Channel

The education channel offers a wide variety of both educational and youth-produced programming, a well as programs for life-long learners.

  • Watch LETV on television: Astound 13 or HD614, Astound Digital/TiVo 1124, Verizon 36, Comcast 9
  • Watch LETV live on our website: click here.
  • Watch LETV programming OnDemand: click here.

LGTV: Government Channel

The government channel features coverage of the town of Lexington’s many governmental committees, sub-committees, boards, and agencies.

Meetings that are covered include: Ad Hoc Stone Building, Annual and Special Town Meeting, Appropriations Committee, Board of Appeals, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Communications Advisory Board, Community Safety, Conservation Commission, Conversations on Race and Social Equity, Candidate Forums, Financial Summits, Hanscom Area Towns Committee, Hartwell Ave Comprehensive Plan and Updates, Historic Districts Commission, Historical Commission, Human Rights Committee, Lexington Housing & Assistance Board, Lexington Mental Health Task Force, Lexington Recreation Needs, Lexpress Transportation Forum, MA Joint Committee on COVID-19 and Emergency Management Hearings, Noise Advisory Committee, Planning Board, School Committee, Select Board, Special Permit Residential Development, Town Meeting Members Association, Zoning Board of Appeals.

  • Watch LGTV on television: Astound 15 or HD629, Astound Digital/TiVo 1125, Verizon 37, Comcast 22
  • Watch LGTV live on our website: click here.
  • Watch LGTV programming OnDemand: click here.

LPTV: Public Channel

The public channel showcases community events, arts and entertainment, special interest features, and social awareness programs.

  • Watch LPTV on television: Astound 3 or HD613, Astound Digital/TiVo 1123, Verizon 35, Comcast 8
  • Watch LPTV live on our website: click here.
  • Watch LPTV programming OnDemand: click here.

Best Of Channel

The best of channel showcases a selection of our best programming from the education, government, and public channels. During the week, this channel broadcasts programming from LPTV until 4pm; it switches to LGTV for the evening. During the weekend, it broadcasts programming from LPTV.

  • Watch the Best of Channel on television: Verizon HD 2135
  • Watch our programming OnDemand: click here.

Watch Online

Along with watching our channels OnDemand, you can also find LexMedia programming on Roku and YouTube.


To watch our channels on Roku, download the app. Once you have downloaded the app, search for LexMedia. To watch live, go to the live stream playlist, or select something to watch from available videos.


To watch our programming on YouTube, visit our YouTube channel or search for @LexMediaTV. If you’d like to follow our channel, sign into your YouTube account. Once you have signed in, search for our channel (@LexMediaTV) or click on this link. You will see a SUBSCRIBE button next to our channel photo. You can also subscribe to our channel while watching one of our videos – just hit the SUBSCRIBE button located under the video title and next to our username.

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